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Our NPO Partnerships

DCS International Productions is dedicated to making a difference in the world through its film projects. We are committed to supporting a wide range of non-profits to help facilitate research, spread awareness, and support our community, including the homeless, children, cancer patients, wounded veterans, suicide prevention, domestic abuse victims, crime's victim fund, supporting death row animals from euthanasia, and anti-bullying campaigns. Come and read more about the inspiring projects we are working on.

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In leu of the tragic events on the Island of Maui, Kimokeo Foundation is committed to help and support the families and victims of the Lahaina, Maui Wildfires. 

Your donations will be placed in the hands of the children, elderly, and families impacted to help support much needed necessities, living costs, and alike. 

100% proceeds go to the families and victims of Maui. 

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